Busy day for Niagara Falls Fire

Niagara Falls Fire had a busy day yesterday.

Just after 10:40 a.m. yesterday morning crews were called to a grass fire on Lyons Creek Road.  Officials say a small fire used to burn branches got out of control and spread to over 4 acres of land.

Later on, around 6:30 p.m. last night, the fire department responded to an apartment complex on Kiwanis Crescent. They were told a tenant was cooking french fries when the oil ignited and started a kitchen fire. While trying to extinguish the fire, the occupant was injured - they were taken to hospital for treatment.

No damage estimate is available at this time, but fire crews did manage to contain the blaze to just one apartment.

The Office of the Fire Marshal will be investigating.

The start of the fire department's annual Wake UP! Campaign was delayed because of these incidents. Each May, firefighters go door-to-door in neighbourhoods to check on smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. The program runs Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. If alarms are missing or need to be replaced the fire department will install the alarms for a nominal fee.