CAMH commenting after another patient goes missing from Toronto facility


Police say a miscommunication between a Toronto mental health hospital and a transitional housing unit led to a patient being reported missing when he had in fact checked himself in to the health-care facility.

Toronto police initially said the man had disappeared from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health on Wednesday and was found on Thursday. Three other patients have walked away from the facility in the last month.

Police have since said their investigation determined the man had been staying at a transitional housing facility as a CAMH patient and was reported missing by the unit on Wednesday.

Sgt. Len Nicholson says the man had in fact checked himself in to CAMH but the hospital did not report his presence to the transitional housing unit.

He says staff at the housing unit thought the man was missing until police found him at the hospital.

CAMH says the man was an outpatient and was admitted to the hospital after an appointment.