Canadian cancer rates will rise if new policies aren't developed

Researchers say cancer cases in Canada will increase substantially in the future if new policies are not developed to decrease rates of preventable cancers.    

The study published today in the international journal Preventive Medicine says as many as four in 10 cancer cases could be prevented by not smoking, being physically active, maintaining a healthy weight, having a nutritious diet and practising sun safety.

The findings of the study, funded by the Canadian Cancer Society, suggest lack of policies promoting behaviour changes would lead to almost 60 per cent more cases of preventable cancer cases by 2042.
Christine Friedenreich, a co-principal investigator among 10 main researchers across the country, says the study points to the need for initiatives by all levels of government.

She says measures to get people physically active and healthy could include more spending on public transportation.
The Canadian Cancer Society has also advocated for introducing labelling on the front of food packages, restricting marketing to kids and introducing a manufacturers' levy on sugary drinks.