Canadian's suit against Weinstein proceeds, though lawyers say they still can't find him

An Ontario judge says he is satisfied a lawsuit brought by a Canadian actress against Harvey Weinstein has been served even though lawyers have been unable to hand it to the disgraced Hollywood producer in person.

The actress, who cannot be named, claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her while she had a part in a movie being filmed in and around Toronto nearly two decades ago.

Her lawyer Alex Smith says no one has been able to find Weinstein to serve him with the suit.

The court made an order earlier this month for substitute service, meaning Weinstein could be served without having the papers put directly into his hands.

Smith told the court Friday that the suit has been sent to Weinstein's home, his criminal lawyer and a civil lawyer representing him in a separate lawsuit in Delaware.

The judge presiding over the matter said that sufficed and the case is proceeding.