CAO hiring process at Niagara Region not unlawful

A lawyer's report looking into the hiring process of the Niagara Region's chief administrative officer has found the process was not unlawful. 

However the report by Marvin Huberman did find serious concerns in the process and made recommendations for improvement. 

Huberman's report dominated the agenda at last night's meeting; he was peppered with questions from members of council on whether he had all the information needed for his investigation. 

Huberman told Council he would not guarantee confidentiality to any potential interviewees.

"I wish I had access to every single piece of information that's missing in this piece,  but unfortunately we don't. Part of the problem is there are people apparently that are sources of this information that know who sent it to who and when and so on and so forth, but they are insisting on staying anonymous." 

Huberman claims he did not have access to an electronic version of a memo written by Regional Chair Alan Caslin's policy director that was alleged to be electronically sent to now CAO Carmen D'Angelo during the hiring process. 

That memo was said to contain the biographical information of the top candidates for the job. 

When asked about the memo in the interview process with Huberman, D'Angelo stated as far as he knows, is aware of, and can recall he didn't receive the at issue memo. 

However he admitted  he was unable to check his emails after he lost his cell phone in October of 2016.  

Huberman's report called D'Angelo's statements "improbable answers" but stated he was nonetheless unable to conclude D'Angelo's statements are not credible or reliable based on the documentation he reviewed for his report. 

To see the report click here and scroll to page 25.