Caslin denies allegations hiring of CAO involved a tainted process

We may soon call it Regiongate, a tired cliche possibly, as the war of words between Regional Chair Alan Caslin and Standard reporter Grant LaFleche continues.

Caslin on CKTB's Roundtable denying all statements made by LaFleche in an exclusive report alleging the hiring of the region's CAO was tainted.

Caslin denying someone in his office leaked a confidential list of potential candidates vying for the CAO's job to Carmen D'Angelo who was ultimately hired to the post.

The Chair says " I have to take my staff's word at face value, to start with, they emphatically deny that , so let's let the investigative process take place."

Caslin is calling for an independent review of the hiring process.

But when that will happen, Caslin wouldn't commit saying regional council will look at options during Thursday night's meeting.

Caslin adding " media articles do not dominate our agenda, we have a business to take care of, we have lots on our agenda that is more important than a media article, we will deal with it in due course"

He also dismissed calls he and D'Angelo step aside while the investigation is being conducted.