Caslin vs Ioannoni: Creating fear or protecting jobs

Alan Caslin wants to set the record straight.

The Niagara Regional Chair speaking out following remarks made by Niagara Falls Councillor Carolynn Ioannoni on CKTB earlier today.

Ioannoni says Caslin is making irresponsible comments regarding plans for the two casinos, and spreading fear that one of the casinos will close putting hundreds of Niagara residents out of work.

She says Caslin references a study on the process saying one of the casinos would close, which Ioannoni says is not included in the third party report.

Ioannoni says she has read as much as she could about the OLG's Request for Proposal and it includes two bundles, which is the two casinos.

In a Facebook post, Ioannoni goes one step further saying that this is old PC logic, creating a crisis to divert attention from what is wrong in your own political house.

Caslin says he usually takes the high road, but he wants to set the record straight after the councillor's comments.

He questions why Ioannoni is the lone voice supporting hundreds of jobs leaving Niagara.

He says back in October of 2016, Ioannoni voted to stop the RFP process, and now for some reason she has flip flopped.

Caslin says if the OLG's plan moves forward as is, there is no question that jobs will be lost between the casinos.

He says it was the city of Niagara Falls that commissioned the 3rd party study, and while the study did not specify the exact number of jobs lost,  it did give a range of 0-1400.

Caslin says it's in the region's best interest to do everything it can to protect any job losses now, and not sit back and let jobs slip away.

On Monday the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation issued the RFP for parties interested in becoming the new operators of the two facilities.

Niagara Falls Mayor Jim Diodati and Caslin, along with local MPP's, then went to Queen's Park to air their concerns over being shut out of the process.

In a release, the OLG says it will not release any details on who has been pre-qualified to bid for the job.

Gaming officials also say there will be no further communication about the RFP until the selected service provider is announced next summer.