Cat found with its face duct-taped in Burlington

An Ontario woman says she's shocked by the depths of human cruelty after discovering a young cat with duct tape wrapped around its face.

Nicole Paling of Burlington, Ont., says only fortunate chance brought her to the cat's aid on Tuesday night roughly an hour after it had been dropped off in the parking lot of a local veterinary clinic.

Paling says she originally thought someone had left a carrier in the lot by mistake, confusing the clinic for animal control.

But when she looked inside, she says she saw the three-year-old tabby with her head encased in silver duct tape, leaving only enough room for her nose.

A shaken Paling summoned her boyfriend to the clinic, who spent a painstaking 10 minutes carefully removing the multiple layers of tape that had constricted the cat's ears and mouth.

The cat has been named Lucky and is making a full recovery, but Paling says she and her boyfriend are still grappling with the shock and horror of the incident.