Cats rescued from Beamsville cat hoarder house ready to be adopted

A group of felines rescued from what some are calling a Beamsville horror house are ready to be put up for adoption.

An adoption event will be held Saturday and Sunday at the Grimsby Pet Valu from 11-3 pm in the hopes of finding them their forever homes.

The 15 cats were among more than 80 found abandoned and starving at a rural home on Merritt Road, that was once rented by a cat hoarder.

 Beamsville 4 Paw Rescue and Project Save a Cat's Life, a group formed after the cat's were found, have placed the cats in foster care until they are healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

Some cats were not as fortunate, rescuers describe finding dead felines in rain barrels, garbage bags and under trees of the 29 acre property.

The OPSCA says it has been investigating the property for the last eight months, but accuses the animal rescue groups of jeopardizing the investigation by removing the animals from the home.