Childhood friend of Kristen French pens open letter to Karla Homolka

News this week that convicted school girl killer Karla Homolka is now volunteering at her children's elementary school in Quebec has prompted one of Homolka's victims best friends from childhood to break her silence. 

Marcia Penner, one of Kristen French's best friends,  posted an open letter on her facebook this week to Karla Homolka.  

The letter has been shared more than 3,700 times since it was posted on Wednesday. 

In the letter, Penner writes that it will be her life mission to remind people of what Homolka did. 

It is the first time in 25 years that Penner has spoken out about the loss of her childhood friend. 

It reads: 

Karla, You probably think the purpose of this letter is to spew hatred and distaste towards you. To tell you what a complete waste of life you are, and how your freedom is unjust, and unfair.

Although all of that is true, I am sure you know all of those things by now. And if you don’t … me telling you would never convince your sociopath self.

My letter instead is to inform you that although you are back in the “spotlight” again, you have not, and will not EVER win.

They say you are helping at your children’s school. Volunteering in class, and on their school trips. How nice for you. As you can imagine this is extremely alarming to most, as you are a child rapist and murderer. I’ not sure what makes you think you are entitled to any sort of normalcy. Because you “did your time”? I’m here to tell you that as long as I am breathing it will be my life mission to make sure that people are reminded of the monster you are. As a mother, I want my children to look up to me …… to want to be like me …… to be proud of me. Sadly, your children won’t have that opportunity. Two more innocent lives destroyed by you.

My dear friend Kristen doesn’t get a chance to volunteer at her children’s school. She doesn’t get to have a career, marry the man of her dreams, bear children, live the beautiful life she was intended to live. She was robbed of all that remember. …. by you! Now I know you will say it was Paul, you didn’t act alone, you were frightened for your life …..but you and I know full well you were the dominator in all of this. But still, after all this you think you deserve the right to live a peaceful, normal life?!! I’m not thinking so.

Regrettably, you have wasted more of my time, and energy than I would like to admit. Created more tears, and heartache than imaginable. I have spent the past 25 years trying to come to terms with the loss of our friend, and understand how another “human being” can be so incredibly evil. Of course, this will never be understood as it is just absolutely incomprehensible.

I want you to know that although Kristen is no longer here on this earth, she is still very much alive. All that love her remember her infectious smile, beautiful heart, and pure innocence that filled her. She was strong ….. a warrior ….. a true hero. All of the things you will, nor could ever be.

You see Karla, you don’t win. You will never win. Kristen, Leslie and Tammy win. Their memories are very much alive, and will be forever. They are remembered with love and admiration. Kept alive forever. You can never take that away. You can never destroy that. These girls will always be remembered, loved and cherished. So much more than I can say for your sorry self.