CKTB's chat with Niagara's CAO on his contract, China, and the controversial term

A controversial end to a controversial four year term

Niagara Regional Council did not disappoint last night during the last council meeting before new councillors are sworn in in December.

Up for discussion was whether CAO Carmen D Angelo should be sent to China to represent the region at a trade expo.

The decision ended in a tie vote with outgoing regional chair Alan Caslin breaking the tie sending  the CAO to Shanghai next week.

CKTB caught up with D'Angelo at the Greater Niagara Chamber of Commerce Economic Summit taking place at White Oaks in Niagara on the Lake today.

D'Angelo was asked what he'll focus on next week " agriculture, tourism, manufacturing those are the three key sectors,  that's not only Chinese companies, the world is coming to Shanghai." 

He went on to explain a little about some of the companies participating in the trade expos "those who are  interested in the wine market, we have a couple wineries coming..those who are interested in great Canadian craft beer we have a company coming about that, health products and good products."

One thing D'Angelo confirmed was not on his radar for the mission is the Thundering Waters Project in Niagara Falls.

When asked about the controversial term of council that just ended D'Angelo implied the media was partly to blame for all the negativity.

"Not everybody is upset, just yesterday I was in St. Catharines meeting with a large employer and he was happy he was attracting new employees his business is getting better, so i think, respectfully, the media is reporting one side of the story."

When asked if he received help getting the job he said he couldn't comment since there is an investigation ongoing with the Ombudsman's office.

We asked if he felt he was worthy of the CAO's $230,000 position and he said he feels like he has the skill set to move Niagara forward.

When asked why Chair Caslin extended his contract, D'Angelo said he approached Caslin to strengthen the provisions of his contract.

He said since he negotiated the first contract with Caslin, he went back to him to extend it.