Community Care of St. Catharines and Thorold asks gardeners to 'Grow An Extra Row'

As you start planting your garden local agencies are asking you to consider 'Growing An Extra Row' for the less fortunate.

CEO of Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold Betty-Lou Souter says it makes a big difference when community members bring in extra fruits and veggies from their gardens for the food program.

"Nothing pleases people more than coming in to the agency and looking at what we have that's fresh."

Community Care also offers a community garden, but there is a large demand for fresh food.

Souter says the community garden started back in 1999, and offered more than just food to people new to the area.

"For them, it was really so they could maintain their culture and their eating habits. And to see them out there in gardens with their kids and long flowing dresses on, and some of the things that we were planting that we didn't even know that they were planting, but they knew, and it was important to their diet."

Anyone who wants to help with the community garden is encouraged to give the agency's office a call and ask to speak with Eden.