Community Care receiving flood of Loblaws gift cards

An incredible outpouring of support at Community Care:

As Loblaws begins mailing out the $25 gift cards promised as recompense for the grocery giant's part in a bread price fixing scandal, the people of Niagara are turning those cards over to the food bank.

CEO of Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold Betty-Lou Souter can't keep track of how many cards they have received, because the number keeps going up.

"They're coming in each and every day and no matter where I am someone always says, 'Here, people in the food bank need this more than we do.' It's just a wonderful outpouring of support and I think it's a wonderful use of the money and we'll make sure it gets to the right place."

On average, Souter believes they are getting 5 - 10 cards a day.

The cards are given directly to Community Care's clients so they can shop for themselves.

Although the support has been tremendous over the last five days or so, the need is great and Community Care is hoping to see more cards passed along in the coming weeks.

Canadians impacted by the bread price fixing scandal can still sign up for the cards at