Congress considering a bill to allow snowbirds to stay in U-S longer

While President Trump signs a revised executive order today in the hopes of reinstating a travel ban for people in several majority Muslim countries, congress is considering a bill that will allow Canadian snowbirds to stay stateside longer.

The Promoting Tourism to Enhance our Economy Act will allow Canadians 55 and older who own or rent in the U-S to stay an extra two months a year.

Currently they are allowed to stay 180 days.

Representative Ted Yoho of Florida, approves the plan because he says Canadian snowbirds are one group of foreigners that blends right in.

Yoho notes we want people with good standing to come here and stay as long as they care, adding there’s no assimilation, the morals and mores we have are pretty much the same as they have, so it’s pretty much an easy transition.