Conservatives still working on candidate harassment policy promised this year

CKTB _ News - Rick Dykstra

The federal Conservatives are still working on an anti-harassment policy that would apply to candidates in the coming election campaign.

The party promised a code of conduct for its candidates in response to a report on how former Conservative MP Rick Dykstra remained on the ballot in 2015 even after the party learned he was accused of assaulting a woman who worked for another MP.

Dykstra, who lost his seat in the southern Ontario riding of St. Catharines in the 2015 election, denies doing anything wrong.

The Conservatives hired lawyer Carol Nielsen to investigate how they handled the allegations, and earlier this year she recommended changes to human resources policies, which the party promised to make.

Party spokesman Cory Hann says the Tories expect to have the policy ready by the time the campaign officially begins.

Hann says the party has already strengthened its candidate vetting procedures, brought in more thorough police record checks and completed harassment training across the country.

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