Controversial Brock Professor issues statement to CKTB

A controversial Brock professor has issued at statement to CKTB regarding his past behaviour. 

In it,  Professor David Shimmelpenninck says he regrets the past and wishes he could undo the harm he caused. 

Various faulty and student groups have been meeting to discuss the professor's return to the classroom this week.  

A demonstration is planned for Thursday afternoon from 3 until 4 in front of the statue of Sir Issac Brock, followed by a silent demonstration in the hallway in front of his classroom from 4:30 until 6.

The university says Schimmelpenninick's return comes after an arbitrator concluded last month the professor should be allowed to return to class based on the collective agreement with its faculty association.

Below is Shimmelpenninck's full statement to CKTB news. 

Thank you for your offer. I would prefer not to give any interviews.  However, please accept this statement:

I regret my past behaviour, and if I could undo it, and the harm I caused, I absolutely would. I had a drinking problem for a very long time. I have gotten help for my alcoholism and stopped drinking completely. Over the past three years I have worked very hard to address my problems and done everything the university has asked of me. I made serious mistakes and the university has disciplined me for them. I know that some people will never accept me back at the school. I have devoted my life to being an educator, and my only hope is that I will be able to give back to the university community the best way I know, as an educator.


David Schimmelpenninck