Controversial candidate Tanya Granic Allen dropped from PC roster

Ontario's Progressive Conservatives have dropped a controversial candidate from their roster ahead of the spring election.

PC Leader Doug Ford says in a statement that his former leadership rival Tanya Granic Allen will no longer represent the party in the riding of Mississauga Centre.  

In a statement sent to reporters, Ford says Granic Allen's ``characterization of certain issues and people has been irresponsible.''   

The move comes after the Ontario Liberal Party shared a video earlier in the day of Granic Allen sharing views the Liberals described as ``hatred and homophobia.''  

The video, which was edited and posted on the Liberals' website, shows the social conservative Granic Allen discussing sex education.  

She says when sees Croatia ``trying to push radical sexualization on the young, or gay marriage, I almost vomit in disbelief.''