Conviction upheld for Ontario man who took screenshots during nude video chats

Ontario's top court has upheld a voyeurism conviction for a man who secretly took screenshots of his then-girlfriend while she was naked and in sexually provocative poses during video chats.

The Court of Appeal for Ontario found the woman had a reasonable expectation of privacy and ruled that the man had violated the agreement that exists between consenting intimate partners.

Court documents show the pair, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, were in a long-distance relationship between March 2010 and September 2011 and frequently spoke through video chat because they did not often visit each other.

At times, the woman, who lived in Thunder Bay, Ont., would appear nude in those chats. On some occasions, the man, a Toronto resident, took screenshots of her naked and saved them on his computer, court document show.

The woman testified during trial that she consented to appearing nude before him on live video but did not know he was capturing still images and preserving them.

The documents say that after the pair broke up, some of those photos were emailed to many people, including some of her professional contacts.