Councillor calls for special meeting to 'repair damage to Pelham's reputation'

Councillors are moving to repair the damage done to Pelham's reputation.

After weeks of allegations surrounding undisclosed debt, KPMG stated in their report this week that they could find no evidence of any debt missing from the town's books.

Postmedia reports Niagara-on-the-Lake Councillor Gary Burroughs is now calling for a special audit committee meeting to “start to reverse the damage that has been done.”

He is referring to actions recommended by the audit committee and approved by regional council in mid November including informing Pelham's lenders about the unproven allegations, which was done before KPMG presented their findings.

Before the resolution passed, Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn said the town would hold the Region accountable for any damages caused by those actions.

The paper reports regional audit committee chair Tony Quirk agreed with the need for a special meeting, but says he has doubts about the results of the audit and says the town is far from vindicated in his eyes.

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