Court imposes $15,000 in fines for fire code violations in St. Catharines

A St. Catharines landlord must pay $15,000 in fines for fire code violations in connection with a rental property.

Jestin Philipose, a director of the corporation that owns the rental property, pleaded guilty on Friday, July 27 to six Ontario Fire Code violations at 29 Chestnut Street East.

The charges include four counts for failing to maintain smoke alarms in working order and two counts for failing to maintain carbon monoxide alarms in working order.

As a director, Philipose was also charged and pleaded guilty himself to all six counts.

The court imposed fines totalling $15,000 plus court costs: $10,000 to the corporation and $5,000 to Philipose.

“Landlords have a responsibility to make sure their properties are safe for their tenants and that means ensuring life-saving devices such as smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms are in working order and ready to sound off when needed,” says Acting Fire Chief Jeff McCormick. “Not only are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms proven to save lives but they are required by law.”

The Ontario Fire Code requires working smoke alarms on every storey, outside all sleeping areas and in every unit at a property. Working carbon monoxide alarms are also required outside sleeping areas in every unit

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