Crane girl released on $500 bail

The woman who spent hours suspended on the hook of a crane in downtown Toronto, has been released on bail.

Marissa Lazo, 22, was released on Thursday morning, after paying $500 and promising to stay away from construction sites and roof tops.

She's also a dual citizen and has been forced to turn in her US passport.

Friend Samantha Burgers was not entirely surprised to a familiar face off the edge of a crane high above a construction site in downtown Toronto.

"She's very adventurous and competitive and just, honestly probably did it to see if she could, or just to be alone," Burgers told CKTB's brother station, NEWSTALK 1010 Thursday in an exclusive interview.

Burgers has not had contact with Lazo since her arrest, but like the rest of the world wants to know how she wound up 200 ft in the air.

"I'm...going to ask her what she was thinking and just, what happened," Burgers says with a laugh. "Was she just out by herself walking around, because it's not uncommon for her to be doing that, but was she just out walking around and decided she wanted to climb it? I would just honestly want to know why."

The women met four of five years ago while working at a Tim Hortons in Fort Erie. With Lazo studying at George Brown college in Toronto, the women have not seen each other since Christmas but Burgers says they talk regularly and hang out when Lazo visits her native Crystal Beach.

Burgers says Lazo as outdoorsy--a woman who loves boating, longboarding, hiking and getting up high. In Niagara, the pair liked to visit Decew Falls. The spot is a favourite for locals to cool off on a hot day. Decew Falls is also notorious for rescues as people slip climbing down into the gorge and get injured or stuck.

Burgers also describes Lazo as a bit of a restless spirit.

"She's very active, gets bored easily, wants to do something new, learn something new all the time. That's her personality, so it's hard to kind of keep up with."

(with files from D. Bradley)

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