Criminal lawyer critical of 'lack of transparency' into NRP shooting

A criminal lawyer is speaking out on an investigation into officer on officer violence in Pelham.

Last week we learned of a shooting involving two members of the Niagara Regional Police while they were investigating a crash.

Since then, information has been sparse as the Special Investigations Unit looks into the circumstances.

Speaking with CKTB's Tim Denis this morning, lawyer Ari Goldkind says, "One of the greatest criticisms in the way this process plays out is the lack of transparency. And to me, we are not talking about an entity that should be buried behind closed doors or hidden. These are police officers."

Several sources, including the St. Catharines Standard, are also reporting the officer who was shot has been identified as Constable Nathan Parker, an officer with a troubled history including unnecessary use of force and discreditable conduct.

Goldkind says the fact that this officer was still employed as a cop is a big concern.

"At some point there needs to be a line in the sand where a cop who's been found guilty over and over and over of doing the opposite of what a cop should do, the fact that he or she is still patrolling is a problem. When you look into this guy's documented, real history, it is very concerning to me as somebody who deals with excessive force."

At last check Parker is recovering in hospital, and is listed as in stable condition. Meanwhile the other office is on leave during the investigation.