'Critical' fundraiser for Niagara Children's Centre begins

The 'Help Kids Shine' Campaign is critically important to the Niagara Children's Centre.

Chief Executive Officer Oksana Fisher says the fundraiser, officially beginning today, is integral to providing rehabilition and support services to kids with physical, developmental, and communicative delays and disabilities.

"Our parent support programs that we offer, our recreation therapy, our pool therapy, without fundraised dollars those programs would not be able to exist and support the children and, equally importantly, the families in this community."

More than 30 programs at the Niagara Children's Centre rely on community support.

Fisher adds the impacts of the centre are far-reaching.

"I'm sure if people asked, they would know somebody who, somehow, was touched by the services at the centre. We serve children across Niagara Region and every year 5,000 children are referred to our centre."

Help Kids Shine raised over $100,000 last May.

To donate go to helpkidsshine.ca or call the Niagara Children's Centre at 905-688-3550 x106.

Ambassadors from the Niagara Children's Centre will also be joining CKTB all month long.