Dangerous teenaged ATV drivers causing concern in Chippawa

Police say some teenage ATV drivers in Chippawa are a danger not only to themselves, but also to the community at large.

Niagara Regional Police have been responding to complaints predominantly in the Bridgewater Street and Front Street area. The complaints described teenagers speeding through the area, stunting, disobeying traffic signs, and riders seen without helmets. 

As a result of enforcement initiatives in the area, police went to several homes and educated the riders and their parents about the seriousness of possible offences.

Police say they will continue to monitor the area.

NRP also provided several tips and reminders for ATV operators: 

 - ATVs are prohibited from all roadways in Ontario unless the municipality has passed a bylaw to make an exception to this rule.  Ontario legislation permits municipalities to do this.  Road use by off road vehicles in Niagara Falls is strictly prohibited as no such bylaws have been enacted to make an exception to the rule. 

- Pocket bikes, dirt bikes, mini bikes, ATVs, and Segway scooters are NOT permitted on public roadways or sidewalks.

- Off-road vehicles are only permitted on private property. Riders are required to transport their off-road vehicles to properties where permission is granted by the land owner. 

- Off-road vehicles must be registered, plated and insured according to legislative guidelines.

- Riders must wear helmets and children must be supervised by an adult.

- Anybody found operating an off-road vehicle on a public roadway and not complying with the law could face charges. The vehicle may be impounded and fines may be as high as $5,000.

- Parents of children riding vehicles unsupervised can also be charged.