Did you get it? Many Ontario residents did not receive Public Alert message

Testing of Canada's new national public alert system has not gone as planned so far.

The country's telecom regulator says a glitch in the system meant mobile users in Quebec didn't receive the alerts as scheduled in the morning.

And in Ontario, the test warning messages appeared to be hit and miss with many Rogers subscribers saying they got the alert at the scheduled time, while Telus, Bell and other users reported hearing nothing.

In Quebec, the C-R-T-C says the problem did not originate with cellphone service providers but appears to have occurred between emergency management in the province and Pelmorex Corporation, which operates the system.

Pelmorex blamed a space incorrectly included in coding that prevented the Alert Ready System from sending the Quebec test message to compatible wireless devices.

And while the alerts did reach TV and radio listeners in Quebec, coverage was spotty in Ontario.

More testing in areas outside Ontario and Quebec is planned for Wednesday.