Do you think the Burgoyne Bridge in St.Catharines needs suicide barriers or nets?

The Mayor of St.Catharines is asking the region to take action and save lives on the Burgoyne Bridge.

Walter Sendzik has asked regional officials to install safety netting or suicide barriers on the 90 million dollar bridge .

Sendzik says he inquired about the safety features during construction, when it was complete and then again this past weekend following another suicide.

He says he sent CAO Carmen D'Angelo a message.

The Mayor says one suicide over the Burgoyne Bridge is enough and he knows there have been more tragic incidents.

Sendzik says when situations like this happen we need to ask ourselves, are we doing enough?

He says we need to ensure people have the proper mental health services and that the bridge has preventative infrastructure.

Sendzik says if the city of St.Catharines needs to partner with the region to cover the costs of the suicide barriers they are willing to do that.

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