Dog flu suspected to be spreading in Niagara

The flu bug is not just a concern for people, K-9 influenza cases are suspected in Niagara.

The highly infectious dog flu has been reported in Grimsby, with one case resulting in the death of a beloved pet.

Lincoln County Humane Society Executive Director Kevin Strooband tells CKTB the canine flu is most likely spread through contact with other infected dogs.

He says if your dog starts to cough, he/she may be coming down with influenza.

Strooband says it's important to seek vet treatment right away saying if it goes undetected or untreated, it can lead to deaths.

It can't be spread to humans.

This is the first time Strooband has seen some possible cases surface here.

The flu was first identified in Florida in 2004 and has been making its way north.

He says the flu is easily transmitted from dog to dog through saliva.