Doug Ford is 100% behind bringing GO trains to Niagara : Niagara MPP

Doug Ford is 100% behind bringing GO trains to Niagara.

That's the word from PC Niagara West-Glanbrook MPP Sam Oosterhoff tells CKTB he says he talked to Ford this afternoon and the PC Leader's comments on transit were taken out of context.

Ford campaigned in Niagara yesterday and told reporters that he would need to review the GO train plan before he could make a final decision.

Oosterhoff says Ford is concerned about the way his comments have been reported, and he wants to clarify that he is behind the GO train plan.

He says Ford is completely committed, and the PC party wants to ensure that the plan is brought in as efficiently as effective as possible.

Ontario's Minister of Transportation believes Ford wants to put the brakes on Go Transit in Niagara.

Minister Kathryn McGarry says when he says 'review' what he means is 'cut.'

McGarry says the Liberals remain committed to bringing Go Transit to Niagara by 2021.