Doug Ford to John Tory, checkmate

The political game of chess continues in Toronto between Premier Doug Ford and Toronto Mayor John Tory.

After stunning the province yesterday with word he will invoke the notwithstanding clause in the Charter to override a court decision quashing his plan to cut the size of city council, Premier Ford will recall the legislature tomorrow to vote on the proposal.

He has told MPP's it will be a free vote which means Conservative members of provincial parliament will be allowed to vote their conscience.

Toronto Mayor John Tory, meanwhile, says city council will meet Thursday to plan their next step in the fight.

Tory will also be enlisting the aid of fellow mayors and is hoping to meet with the Prime Minister.

But Tory admits it may be an uphill battle trying to find a way around the rarely used notwithstanding clause that allows provinces and the federal government to overrule sections 2 and 7 through 15 of the charter.

The clause has only been used a handful of times, most recently a failed attempt in 2000 by the province of Alberta to limit marriage to a man and a woman.

It failed because marriage is deemed a federal jurisdiction.