Dual duty plan goes down in defeat

St. Catharines Mayor Walter Sendzik's plan to make changes to the way city councillors are elected has ended in defeat.

Last night, city council voting 7-6 not to proceed with a dual duty representation model.

Under the proposal, six of the city's 12 councillors would have served double duty, sitting on both city council and regional council.

The move received approval from the province and more recently the region, but it failed last night in the same city it started.

Sendzik says it was part of his election platform to modernize the governance model in the city.

But he adds, that vision is over and he doesn't expect the dual duty plan will resurface anytime soon.

Councillors who voted in favour included: Mat Siscoe, Sal Sorrento, Sandie Bellows, Mike Britton, Matt Harris, Walter Sendzik.