Fall out from minimum wage hike continues

With reports that two Tim Hortons franchises in Cobourg were eliminating paid breaks and forcing workers to start paying for benefits, the Ontario Federation of Labour is sending a message, an affront to one worker is an attack on all working people.

The OFL is encouraging its one million members to call on Tim Hortons to reinstate the paid breaks using the hashtag, #Istandwithtimhortonsworkers

OFL President Chris Buckley says "forget your double double, the labour movement will double down against bullies attacking vulnerable minimum wage earners."

Meantime, the CBC reporting multiple Tim Hortons franchises are following suit.

Several other chains including Sunset Grille, Wimpy's and East Side Mario's are increasing tip outs for servers, that's the amount taken from a server's tips and given to other workers such as cooks.

A Chatham car dealership will  reportedly stop paying drivers by the hour, instead it is moving to employ them as contractors and pay them on a per trip basis.