Fleeters fighting what they call Niagara Region urbanization plan

A group of concerned Wainfleet residents, will be holding a public meeting at the end of the month in a bid to stop what they call the urbanization of their town.

On a Facebook page entitled, Save Wainfleet, Let's Take Back Our Township, the group is inviting "Fleeters" to a meeting August 29th at 7 pm at Brethren in Christ Church to develop a strategy to battle several proposed new developments.

The group has already taken the planned Lakewood Beach condo development to the Ontario Municipal Board.

On its Facebook page the group writes, " If we don't stop this now, our township is gone. Don't let the Niagara Region swallow us up. We are not urban. We are not a city and we don't want to be. We like nature, quiet, safe and serene. We aren't offended by the smell of manure on the farmers fields - farmers supply our food. If this offends you - stay in the city."

The last sentence a reference to a letter placed in mailboxes in Wainfleet, entitled, SMELL Making You Sick? Stand up and call the Ministry of Environment.

The letter blames a local farmer for spreading manure on his field in contravention of Ministry guidelines.

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