Flood Watch issued for Niagara with more rain on the way before it turns to snow

A Flood Watch being issued by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority as a Rainfall warning continues.

The NPCA says the Niagara Peninsula and portions of Hamilton and Haldimand have already received between 15 to 25mm of rainfall and are forecast to receive another 30mm of precipitation from Thursday afternoon through Friday. 

Officials says the most recent rain has resulted in higher than normal water levels and flows within local watercourses.

The NPCA says at present, water levels within our major watercourses are elevated but remain below critical thresholds.

They are asking that all residents living along the upper portions of the Welland River, 20 Mile Creek, and 4 Mile Creek, especially in the Wellandport, Smithville, and Virgil areas, are still encouraged to closely monitor river conditions. 

Localized flooding in low lying areas is expected.

As such, all residents living along any of our streams and waterways are advised to keep a close watch on the water levels. Water levels are anticipated to remain elevated throughout the weekend. The NPCA will continue to monitor stream and weather conditions closely and will issue further messages as required.