FLOOD WATCH: Lake Ontario water levels expected to remain high for the next 3 weeks

A flood watch update on Lake Ontario has been issued by the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

The notice is intended to update the public and local municipalities of the condition of Lake Ontario as it relates to the Niagara Peninsula and the eastern portion of the City of Hamilton.

Officials say there has been a significant amount of rainfall experienced this spring in the Lake Ontario basin.

The water level in Lake Ontario is presently at 75.86m.

Officials say this is the highest water level recorded since 1918.

Lake Ontario water levels have remained high since May 15th, and are not anticipated to drop over the next 3 weeks.

The current forecast is calling for strong north-east winds starting this afternoon.

During this time, there is an increased risk of backshore flooding, shoreline flooding and shoreline erosion resulting from storm surge and increased wave action.

Wave heights may exceed 0.5m further exacerbating the current high lake levels.

Residents living along Lake Ontario from Hamilton to Niagara-on-the-Lake are urged to exercise caution near the lakefront and to monitor meteorological conditions, paying particular attention to wind direction and speed.