Flooding in Port Dalhousie "heartbreaking"

Port Dalhousie's Lakeside Park has been hit hard by recent flooding and the recent rainfall hasn't helped the situation at all.

35mm of rain fell in St.Catharines overnight and during the day Thursday causing water levels in Lake Ontario to continue to rise.

Pictures of the popular summer destination show the piers and beach area underwater.

Flood waters can be seen entering the parking lot area.

Port Dalhousie Ward Councillor Carlos Garcia describes the scene as heartbreaking.

He says he drove by today and half of the parking lot is flooded.

Garcia says local residents are very concerned about shoreline erosion, but he says officials can't assess the situation until the water recedes.

He says the carousel didn't open as usual during the May long weekend.

Garcia says the multi-million dollar construction project at Lakeside Park is on hold, but it doesn't look like work will have to be redone.