Flyer fracas leads to motion for change in Councillor Expense Policy

Pelham Mayor Dave Augustyn wants to put an end to the practice of Regional Councillors promoting themselves with tax dollars. 

Augustyn has a motion on Thursday's council agenda that would see  the elimination of "promotional materials" from a section of Regional Council's Expense Policy. 

The issue came up after some flyers were put out by Councillors Tony Quirk, Sandy Annunziuata and Dave Barrick shortly after the nomination period opened for the upcoming municipal election. 

Augustyn says "the reason I put the motion forward is to remove that clause so it's very clear that you cannot use taxpayers dollars to tell everybody how wonderful you are and pat yourself on the back and try and get re-elected" 

During a corporate services meeting in May,  St. Catharines Councillor Brian Heit took issue with the campaign style flyers and demanded a staff report on the matter to find out who authorized them.

The Region does have a corporate resource policy that states no person, including staff, candidate or registered third party may print or distribute election campaign materials using regional funds.

However, they define campaign materials as those that promote or oppose the candidacy of a person for elected office.

Both Annunziata and Barrick have yet to file papers for re-election.  

Quirk is a registered candidate for Grimsby.