Ford government charges students for sidewalk chalk clean up

CKTB-News- Chalk

A group of student protesters are facing a hefty bill after writing in chalk at Queen's Park.

During a demonstration against the Ford government's cuts to education funding, high school students scrawled chalk messages on the pavement in front of the building.

Shortly after, one of the 15 year old organizers of the rally received a clean-up bill for almost $1,500 in the mail.

The protesters are vowing to fight the charge.

Meanwhile, NDP House Leader Gilles Bisson is backing the students, saying "spending $1,500 to do what rain or a hose could have taken care of in a few minutes is a waste."

In a release, the opposition party says, "the crackdowns on peaceful protests need to stop. Doug Ford has attacked anyone who disagrees with him - like students and teachers. We've seen Ford's MPP's call the police on seniors' book clubs."

Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff came under fire in May after staff at his office called the police to remove a group of seniors planning to stage a 'read in' to protest library cuts.