Ford picks up support in Niagara

A chaotic end to a chaotic leadership race:

After unexpected delays and allegations of 'irregularities' in the voting, Doug Ford is officially trying to unite the Ontario PC Party behind him.

Former Ontario Tory Leader Tim Hudak is not surprised by the question on critic's lips: If this is how the PCs run a leadership race, how can they hope to run the province?

"That's a point I would make if I were running for the NDP, or the Liberals, or general critics. I expect that will fade over time if now they get their footing."

Niagara politicians including MPP Sam Oosterhoff and Niagara Falls riding candidate Chuck McShane have tweeted their support to the new leader.

Hudak notes Ford picked up quite a few votes in Niagara.

"The Welland riding trends to vote NDP, PC has come second in those ridings, typically - though Vance Badawey won it for the Liberals most recently. So they went heavily for Doug Ford. Niagara Falls went for Christine Elliott, and St. Catharines went narrowly for Doug Ford on the final ballot."