Former employee alleges Pelham cannabis producer concealed unlicensed rooms


New allegations are surfacing from a man who claims to be a former employee of a cannabis grower in Pelham.

Nick Lalonde spoke with The Globe and Mail, and in the paper's report Lalonde claims employees at the pot producer put up fake walls and staged photographs to try and make unlicensed growing rooms look empty.

Although the company did eventually get approval to grow within the rooms in April, earlier this week Health Canada seized thousands of kilograms of cannabis product they say may have been grown prior to getting the all clear.

Health Canada representatives also cite problems with inadequate record keeping and accuse CannTrust employees of providing false and misleading information to inspectors.

Representatives for the company say they are working to correct mistakes and are trying to find alternative product sources to fill the potential supply gap for their customers.

BNN Bloomberg reports Health Canada has put more than 5,000 kilograms of cannabis on hold while CannTrust is voluntarily holding another 7,500 kilograms.