Former Tory candidate says Ford has betrayed social conservatives

A controversial former Progressive Conservative candidate is calling her recent removal from the Tory roster another betrayal of social conservatives.

Tanya Granic Allen, a socially conservative parental rights advocate, slams party leader Doug Ford for ousting her over the weekend and compares him to his predecessor Patrick Brown, who was criticized for distancing himself from social conservative issues.

Ford had turfed Granic Allen on Saturday, saying in a statement that her comments about certain groups were ``irresponsible'' and don't represent the views of the party.

Her removal came after the Liberal party released video from 2014 in which she makes inflammatory statements about gay marriage.

In an online statement, Granic Allen says she will be watching Ford at today's leaders' debate to ensure he lives up to his promise to replace the province's updated sex education curriculum.

Granic Allen, a former Tory leadership candidate, helped deliver the support of social conservatives to Ford when he won the party's leadership race in March.

The party did not immediately comment on Granic Allen's post.