Forster asks province to appoint supervisor to take over NPCA

Welland's NDP MPP once again demanding action from the province on the scandal plagued Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority.

Cindy Forster standing in the legislature yesterday outlining the lengthy list of accusations levelled against the NPCA by employees, activists and other local politicians.

Forster detailing how the controversy begain over the proposed Thundering Waters development in Niagara Falls when some members of the NPCA attempted to make it one of the first ever bio diversity offsetting projects in the Niagara Region.

She also outlined the lawsuits the NPCA has launched against private residents and two regional councillors for sharing information about the development.

Forster also noting that two NPCA board members were given top jobs at the authority.

She also brought forward a recent survey of workers by their union that found 86 percent claim they have been verbally harassed in the workplace

After Forster's speech, both St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley and Niagara West Tory MPP Sam Oosterhoff both voiced their support for a private member's bill authored by Forster that would see at least half of board members with conservation authorities have an environmental background.

Forster is also backing union demands the province appoint a supervisor to take over the NPCA on an interim basis.

To view the full statement from Forster, click here.