Fort Erie residents may notice higher than usual water bills


If you live in Fort Erie, there's a good chance your water bill will be higher than usual in July.

The Town of Fort Erie says a recent change in technology means some people may see higher than average water consumption on their July bill, which will lead to a higher than average  bill.

Officials say it is one-time event in order to align each customer to the new meter reading cycle.

The town has switched over to a Meter Exchange Program which uses radio frequency meters and allows the Town to read over 13,000 meters in just two days.

In addition, all reads will now be done during the last week of the month, providing residents with their most current consumption and allowing for earlier leak detection.

Customers who see an increase in their bill but are unable to adjust to this one-time, increased consumption charge can call 905-871-1600 to speak with Town Staff about options.