Free Thursday concerts return to HH Knoll Park in Port Colborne


Free Thursday night concerts are returning to H.H. Knoll park in Port Colborne.

The concerts are held every Thursday night in July at 7:20pm, and have been for nearly 30 years.

Mark Fairchild started the Port Colborne Concert Band that plays there.

When he passed away 20 years ago, his daughter Brenda took over. 

In an interview with CKTB's Matt Holmes, Brenda Fairchild-Green explains that she comprises the band of musicians from around the region.

While the Port Colborne Band is only in July, Fairchild-Green also serves as Director of Music for the Town of Lincoln's Concert Band. 

She finds a lot of the musicians for the Port Colborne band from other concert bands around the region.

She says the band plays a lot of showtunes, classic big band/jazz, and a lot of the music is still left over from when her father ran the band.  

The Port Colborne Concert band is sponsored by the city, but relys on donations to pay the musicians. 

To hear the full interview with Brenda Fairchild-Green, click here.