Frustrated Welland residents are fighting to preserve forested area


Welland residents are fighting to preserve a forested area that's been put up for sale to a developer.

Gabrielle Parent-Doliner, who's had a long-term interest in protecting the Gadsby Parklands, tells CKTB's Matt Holmes she only found out the land was up for sale when she spotted a land surveyor over the Canada Day long weekend.

A developer is looking to start building on the property at 155 Gadsby Avenue, but the closing date of July 9th has now been pushed back following the concerns raised by residents.

Parent-Doliner says she recieved an email from the mayor saying the sale has been pushed back to an unknown date and that the city is currently in the process of looking at all the information.

She adds that in 2004-2006 there was a proposed housing development on an adjacent lot and that neighbors banded together to form the Aquaduct Neighbourhood Park Association to prevent the deforestation of that park.

Parent-Doliner and her fellow Welland residents are still waiting to hear what the fate of the parkland will be.

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