Gas war OVER on Ontario Street in St.Catharines

The infamous Ontario Street gas war is now over in St.Catharines.

As gas prices jumped across the province, two gas stations on Ontario Street posted dramatically lower prices earlier today.

As of noon Wednesday the Pioneer and Esso posted prices of 102.6 and 102.9 cents/litre for regular.

Just down the road prices jump to 121.1 cents/litre.

Hours later, prices at the two stations bumped up in line with the rest of Niagara.

Dan McTeague with says average gas prices in Ontario jumped six cents per litre overnight to levels not seen since October 2014.

While McTeague blames the spike on warmer weather and the switch to more expensive summer gas, other experts are calling it nothing more than a profit grab.

McTeague says gas sold after April 15th until September 15th must meet new environmental standards, thus adding to the cost

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