GO Trains are still coming to Niagara: MPP Oosterhoff

GO Trains are still coming to Niagara, and they could be coming sooner than planned.

Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff joining CKTB saying he wanted to clear up some misinformation regarding the latest news.

It was on Friday we learned that Metrolinx sent a letter to the Niagara Region announcing that the "delivery process"of new GO stations had been halted because the Ontario PC's are seeking third-party investment to build them.

Oosterhoff says that doesn't mean daily GO train service won't be coming on time, he says plans could even be fast-tracked if they find a developer to take the lead on the project.

He says the move shows the PC's are respecting the taxpayer.

Oosterhoff says he talked to the Minister of Transportation, and he's confident GO trains will be rolling into Niagara sooner rather than later.

He says given the fiscal situation the province is in, they need to look at all options.

Here is Oosterhoff's full news release:

Sam Oosterhoff, MPP for Niagara West confirmed earlier today that plans for GO Train expansion include the Niagara Region. Specifically, the Grimsby GO Station will be built through a Transit Oriented Development (TOD), meaning that Metrolinx will find a third-party developer to build the station.

"This is good news for taxpayers here in Ontario," said Oosterhoff. "This is a meaningful step that will save ordinary people money while assuring value for money."

The MPP for Niagara West went on to explain that while the former Liberal government racked up a 15-billion-dollar deficit, the PC Government is looking to save money where possible. "A third party investment will give us the best bang for our buck by building all new GO Stations through Transit Oriented Development. Through TOD, we will be able to have more great projects like Mimico GO Station, where a brand new station is being built and paid for by a developer," stated Oosterhoff.

Working through a TOD should also speed up the process since it will allow for various new stations to be built at the same time. "Our government for the people was elected to serve Ontarians," said Oosterhoff. "Improving GO service is just one of the many ways we are doing that."