Grimsby marine rescue squad headquarters has flooded

Last week, GAMRU South Shore Search And Rescue was inundated by water from Lake Ontario.

The facility, a garage donated by the Town of Grimsby, had more than a foot of water covering the floors and storage areas.

Now, the volunteer marine rescue squad that excels at saving people on the water suddenly needs rescuing from it.

Unit leader Bob Gordon says “It’s too early to say exactly the extent of the damage,” and that it's clear the GAMRU needs a new home.

It is the third time the facility has flooded in the past three years.

The volunteers have begun an urgent search for a new location for the year-round storage of their equipment and the seasonal storage of their fast response rescue boat. 

They are appealing to the community for help.

Lake Ontario waters have risen steadily this spring with more rain in the forecast. 

Cities like St. Catharines, Hamilton, Toronto and communities in eastern Ontario have already begun preparations for high water levels. Although not yet at the heights recorded in 2017, the high water and strong north-easterly winds have pushed the lake up into low-lying areas like Grimsby’s Forty Mile Creek Park and the volunteers’ storage facility.