Grimsby marine rescue team responds to nine calls on the water so far this year

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It's been pretty calm on the water for Grimsby's volunteer marine rescue team so far this summer.

Deputy Unit Leader of GAMRU South Shore Search and Rescue, Doug Mepham says they have responded to nine rescue calls from people needing help in the water or on vessels.

He says that is tracking behind the amount of calls they received last year at this time.

Mepham says part of the reason is that there is still flooding in many areas, and some boaters still haven't launched their vessels.

He says in some cases it's difficult to fuel up on the water since some stations have been closed due to high water levels.

The unit's headquarters flooded earlier this year, and they have been trying to find a new location.

Mepham says they haven't found a permanent home just yet, but they have been offered several temporary locations in the meantime.