Group selects two locations for proposed seaside sanctuary for captive whales and dolphins

While public attitudes about keeping whales and dolphins in captivity have changed, the problem has been what do you do with  marine mammals who have been born in captivity?

A non profit group is proposing a solution that would take the animals out of their tanks and into the wild.

The Whale Sanctuary Project began looking for a location for the world's first seaside sanctuary two years ago.

The group's president Lori Marino confirmed this week, they have narrowed their search to two locations, one in Nova Scotia and the other in Washington State.

She says they will make a final decision before the end of the year, and hope to have the sanctuary open by 2020.

On its website the group says "While there are sanctuaries for many land animals who are being retired from zoos and circuses, there are none yet for whales and dolphins. Without permanent sanctuaries, they will be confined to concrete tanks for the next 30–40 years, or as long as they live."