Happy birthday Canada...Day!

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Tomorrow marks the 140th anniversary of the nation's birthday as a public holiday.   

It wasn't always known as Canada Day.   

In fact, it wasn't recognized at all for the first 12 years of Canada's existence as a country.

When ``Dominion Day'' was acknowledged in 1879, it had met with opposition from provinces who felt they'd been forced into confederation against their will or others annoyed that a cross-country railroad still hadn't been built.   

The federal government didn't take a hand in Dominion Day celebrations until 1958.    

The festivities have changed over the years, becoming more elaborate in the late 1970s as Quebec separatism gained traction.    

All this time people had lobbied to change the name to Canada Day, but the campaign didn't succeed until 1982.    

When it did, 13 Members of Parliament rushed a bill through the House of Commons by performing first, second and third readings in one day.    

Historians say the evolution of Canada Day mirrors the country's own efforts to carve out a distinct national identity.